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Flood Centrifugal Split Case Pump

Flood Centrifugal Split Case Pump

The MS series horizontal split case pump is single-stage, double suction centrifugal split case pumps, which is suitable for factories, cities, mines, power plants, agricultural, water conservancy and other fields is used for conveying water free of solid particles or physical and chemical properties similar to water and other liquids


The MS series pumps are single-stage doublesuction Split volute casing centrifugal pumps and used or liquid
Transportation for water works, air-conditioning circulation, Building, irrigation, drainage pump stagion, electric power Station, industrial water supply system, fire-fighting system, Shipbuilding and so on.

Performance Data:
Outlet diameter of pump DN: 80 800mm
Capacity Q: ≤ 11600m /h
Head H ≤ 200M
Working temperature T<105
Solid grains ≤ 800mg/l

Characteristic of Structure:
1. Compact structure nice appearance, good stability and easy installation.
2. Stable running the optimally designed double-suction impeller makes the axial force reduced to the minimum and has a blade-style of very excellent hydraulic performance, both internal surface of the pump casing and the impeller s surace, being precisely cast, are extremely smooth and have a notable performance vapourcorrosion
Resisting and a high efficiency.
3. The pump case is double volute structured, which greatly reduces radial force, lightens bearing's load and prolongs bearing's service life.
4. Bearing use SKF and NSK bearings to guarantee a stable running, low noise ande long duration.
5. Shaft seal use BURGMANN mechanical or stuffing seal to ensure a 8000h non-leak running

Meaning of Model:
250-- Pump inlet diameter(mm)
S-- Single stage double suction
39-- Rated head
A-- Impeller via first cut

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