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End Suction River Drainage Water Pump

End Suction River Drainage Water Pump

The pump pipeline should have a stand of its own and do not let the pipeline weight upon the pump to avoid it from pressed damage.


120 hp 130 hp electric end suction river drainage water pump 50KW

Electric end suction river drainage water pump is for water or liquid similar to water, with high temperature mechanical seal. It also could be used to transfer hot water. The water pump is simple, reliable, small, light, and with good anti-cavitation performance, little power consumption and easy to maintain.



Clean Water


MIS End Suction Water Pump


6.3-- 400 m3/hr


5- 125 m


1450/2900 rpm

·Suction diameter:

50mm to 200mm

·Fluid Temperature

Up to 80 

·Casing & Cover

Cast/ductile iron


Carbon steel


Ductile cast iron, cast steel and St. steel


Packing or mechanical seal

·Shaft Sleeve

Cast Iron

·Seal Ring

Cast Iron


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