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Submersible Slurry Pump With Dredger

Submersible Slurry Pump With Dredger

submersible sand dredging pump Product Description To select suitable pump for you,Kindly let us know : 1.Liquid__ 2.Specific gravity___ 3.capacity___m3/h 4.head___m 5.voltage&frequency Some data for your reference: Recommended Products Structural Drawing Structure Performance Paramete...


submersible sand dredging pump 

MSS submersible slurry pump can remove the fluid shall less than 100 oC. According to customers requirements, which can add thermal overload protection and water detection device, which can be working safely in harsh environment for long time.
MSS series of submersible slurry pumps have been very popular among customers since launching into domestic markets.

   Compared with common slurry pumps, this series of products have many advantages as follows:

1. No limitation on delivery heads, high efficiency, and thoroughness in removing sewage.

2. No auxiliary vacuum pumps is required, bringing down the cost of ownership.

3. No auxiliary agitating device is required, thus enabling easier operation.

4. No complex ground protection or fixation device is needed for fastening the motor in water, thus allowing for easier installation and maintenance.

5. As the agitating impeller is in direct contact with the surface of sediments, the fluid density can be controlled by the submerged depth, thus enabling easier control of density.

6. The device is submerged in water to work, thus producing no noise or vibration, and making the work site cleaner.



Slurry, Water & Sewage


MSS Submersible Slurry Pump


Up to 2400 m3/hr (666L/S)


Up to 60 m ( 196 feet )


Up to 1480 rpm


80-400mm (3.15’’ up to 16’’)


Max.: 80


Hydraulic or Electric


420 Stainless Steel

·Shaft Sleeve

420 Stainless Steel

·Bearing Covers

Cast Iron

·Back Plate

27% Chrome White Iron or 316 Stainless Steel / Duplex1


27% Chrome White Iron or 316 Stainless Steel / Duplex1

·Motor Mechanical Seal

304 Stainless Steel

·Pump Casing

27% Chrome White Iron or 316 Stainless Steel / Duplex1


27% Chrome White Iron or 316 Stainless Steel / Duplex1


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