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Hydraulic12 Inch16 Inch Submersible Pump

Hydraulic12 Inch16 Inch Submersible Pump

hydraulic slurry pump matchable with 120,150,220,240,300 small, medium and big excavators,also good at working in the place where excavator couldn`t dig efficiently. Deliver the sand, slurry to far distance.


Hydraulic driven 12 inch 16 inch submersible sand suction pump for dredging mineration

The submersible slurry pump has a pair of dredgers, The rotating dredgers loosen the layers first, and pump the liquids to pump inlet. The pump is good performance working in mud layer, slab layer and clay layers.


Performance Data

·Usage:                                          Slurry,   Water & Sewage
·Type:MSS   Submersible Slurry Pump
·CapacityUp   to 2400 m3/hr (666L/S)
·HeadUp   to 60 m ( 196 feet )
·Speed:Up   to 1480 rpm
·Discharge:80-400mm   (3.15’’ up to 16’’)
·TemperatureMax.:   80
·DriveHydraulic   or Electric
·Agitator27%   Chrome White Iron or 316 Stainless Steel / Duplex1



Submersible slurry pump

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