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Small Stainless Steel Submersible Pump

Small Stainless Steel Submersible Pump

Stainless steel submersible pump for gardening


Small stainless steel submersible pump


The MWQ stainless steel submersible pump is vastly used for aquriums,mine enterprises,garden,family spray and irrigation,watering flower and flush. It is characterized with compact sizes,light weight and convenient use.The float switch can automatically control on and off the change of water level.

The MWQ stainless steel submersible pump is also equipped with 1-phase capacitance-operation asynchronism motor,or 3-phase asynchronism motor,the protector in which can automatically cut off the power  when it is overheated or overcurrented,thus guarantee the securuty and reliability of pump's operation even in the atrocious environment.

Using conditions

 1.The depth for the electrical pump below the water is no more than 5m;
 2.The temperature of the water is no higher of 40℃;
 3.The PH figure of the water is between 6.5~8.5;
 4.The grain diameter of the solids in the water is no longer than 0.2mm.

 Performance Range

Number ModelPowerVoltageliftFlow ratePipe size
WQ-0.75 0.75220/3801571.5"
WQ-1.1 1.1 220/38018121.5"
WQ-1.5 1.5 220/38018202"
WQ-2,2 2,238018282"

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