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  • 4'' Discharge Mining Slurry Pump

    Contact Now 4'' Discharge Mining Slurry PumpThe 4'' discharge mining slurry pump's frame plates for type MAH pumps have replaceable wear-resistant metal liners. The impellers are made of high chrome or rubber.

  • High Chrome Mining Slurry Pump

    Contact Now High Chrome Mining Slurry PumpThe MAH series centrifugal slurry pump is heavy duty horizontal slurry pumps, designed to handle the transfer of abrasive and high density slurries in mining and heavy industries. The MAH slurry transfer pump features oil or grease lubrication bearing assemblies and complete interchangeable with other major brands.

  • Coal Mining Split Casing Pump

    Contact Now Coal Mining Split Casing PumpThe MS double suction water pump is a single-stage double-suction horizontal split centrifugal pump and used to transport water and the liquid of both physical and chemical nature similar to those of water.

  • Mining Self-balancing Multistage Pump

    Contact Now Mining Self-balancing Multistage PumpThe MZD high pressure mining self-balancing multistage water pump is an energy-saving product series performance parameters and technical data are higher. The high pressure water pump is suitable for the circulation and pressurization of cold and warm clear water in high-pressure operation system, water supply under parallel operation of several pumps in civil construction, water supply for fire control, boiler, cooling water system and the delivery of various liquid.

  • Fluoroplastic Lined Chemical Pumps

    Contact Now Fluoroplastic Lined Chemical PumpsIHF type Fluoroplastic lined chemical pumps are?single-stage single-suction fluoroplastic alloy chemical centrifugal pump, which are according to the international standard. The chemical pump is featured of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistant, high mechanical strength,?that could?convey medium temperature for - 85 °C - 200 °C etc.

  • Mining High Head Multistage Pump

    Contact Now Mining High Head Multistage PumpThe main overflow parts of the multistage pumps are made of stainless steel, and have the characteristics of light weight, clean and sanitary.

  • Brass Impeller Water Pumps

    Contact Now Brass Impeller Water PumpsThe IS series end suction water pump could be used in many applications with different material. The brass impeller is more corrosive resistant, which makes the pumps could transfer clear water with small solids.

  • Centrifugal Chemical Process Pumps

    Contact Now Centrifugal Chemical Process PumpsCentrifugal chemical transfer pump Decaription Centrifugal chemical transfer is a horizontal, single-stage and single-Suction centrifugal pump, witch conforms to such standards as DIN24256, ISO2858 and GB5662-85, which is a basic product among standard chemical pumps. Centrifugal chemical...

  • Horizontal Gold Ash Mining Slurry Pump

    Contact Now Horizontal Gold Ash Mining Slurry PumpHeavy Duty Mining Horizontal Single Stage Slurry Pump Introduction: MAH series slurry pump is designed for the continuous pumping of high abrasive, high density slurries with minimal maintenance requi rements. It will maintain high efficiency over the wear life of its components. This series is...

  • Split Casing Water Pump For Coal Mining

    Contact Now Split Casing Water Pump For Coal MiningThe S series pumps are single stage, double suction; horizontal split case pumps designed for high volume water transfer in a wide range of applications. Centurion pumps are available in 43 sizes ranging from 80mm to 400mm discharge and capable of...

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