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VFD Using Conduction
Oct 31, 2018

VFD Using Conduction

1, the correct wiring and parameter settings. Before installing the inverter, be sure to read its manual, master its usage, precautions and wiring; after installation, according to the use of correct parameters.   

2, the ambient temperature has great influence on the service life of the transducer. The service life of the converter is reduced by half when the ambient temperature rises to 10 C. Therefore, the problems of ambient temperature and the heat dissipation of the converter must be solved.            

3, V/F control belongs to constant torque adjustment. Vector control increases the output torque of the motor in direct proportion to the square of the voltage, thus improving the output torque of the motor at low speed.            

4. If the system is operated by power frequency/frequency conversion switching mode, the interlock between power frequency output and frequency conversion output should be reliable. In addition, the frequency converter must be stopped and the contactor should be operated after switching on and off. Because contact adhesion and arc extinguishing of large capacity contactor need a certain time, the order and time of the above switching should be considered thoroughly.      

 5, the failure of external control signals. Generally, there are several cases: incorrect signal mode, wrong terminal wiring, incorrect parameter setting or external signal itself problems.     

 6, pay attention to the relationship between speed and lift. The selection of motor and its optimum working section are important problems. If the inverter runs below 5HZ for a long time, the heating of the motor becomes a prominent problem.    

7. The difference between over current trip and overload trip. Overcurrent is mainly used to protect frequency converter, and overload is mainly used to protect motor. Because the capacity of the inverter sometimes needs to be one or two more than the capacity of the motor, in this case, when the motor is overloaded, the inverter does not necessarily overcurrent. The overload protection is carried out by the electronic thermal protection function inside the frequency converter. When the electronic thermal protection is preset, the ratio of current to current should be preset accurately.

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