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Vertical axial flow high flow pump
Feb 18, 2019

Vertical axial flow high flow pump

QZ/B series vertical axial-flow pumps are modern productions successfully designed by the means of adopting foreign modern technology. The submersible pumps' capacity are 20%larger than the old ones. The efficiency is 3~5% higher than the old ones.

Installation of water flow Channel: in terms of recommended sample installation diagram
The form of water exit: flap valve or other ways
Installation ways: Floor fixed type, suspended type, floated type and diagnal installed type;
Max. Capacity: 90000m3/h
Max. Head: 20m
Motor of Pool Drainage Submersible Axial Flow/Mixed Flow Water Propeller Pump

Submersible motor
Power Level: electrical performance conforms to GB756
Protection level: IP68
Voltage grade: ≤1300kw, voltage, 380v, 660v, 6000v, 10000V
Insulation level: F
Rated frequency: 50Hz/60Hz


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