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The difference between shaft power and motor power
Sep 18, 2018

The difference between shaft power and motor power

1, The flow rate of water pumps is the liquid quantity transported by pumps in unit times.(Q)

2, The head of water pump is the vertical height of the liquid transported to.(H)

3, In the unit time, the power of the machine is called power. Usually it is represented by symbol N.

Usually the power unit of the motor is expressed in kilowatt; the power unit of the diesel or gasoline engine is expressed in horsepower. Power machine feed pump shaft power, known as shaft power, can be understood as the input power of the pump, usually speaking of pump power is the shaft power.

The rated power of the motor should be equal to or slightly greater than the calculated power.

The motor powershould be selected according to the power required by the production machinery, so as to make the motor run under the rated load as far as possible. Attention should be paid to the following two points:            

If the motor power is selected too small, there will be a "horse-drawn cart" phenomenon, resulting in long-term overload of the motor, so that its insulation is damaged by heating, or even the motor is burned down.            

 If the motor power is selected too high, there will be a phenomenon of "big horse-drawn trolley". Its output mechanical power can not be fully utilized, power factor and efficiency are not high, not only to the user and the grid is unfavorable. It will also cause waste of energy.

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