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Temperature of electric motors
Mar 28, 2019

Temperature of electric motors

In the operation of motors, it is necessary to check the temperature of bearings, stators, enclosures and other parts at any time. Especially for motors without overload protection, it is more important to monitor the temperature.

 If the bearing is short of oil or damaged, it will inevitably cause temperature rise. If the temperature of the body near the bearing rises, it is necessary to stop immediately and check the bearing. The bearing can be refueled first. If it is still ineffective, the bearing should be removed for identification. If the rolling element and raceway show cracks. Scratched or damaged, or the clearance becomes larger, the inner ring rotates on the bearing. If any item occurs, the bearing should be replaced. Major accidents such as sweeping and burning. 

To monitor the temperature or temperature rise of the motor, the following simple methods can be used: in the hole of the motor, insert a thermometer and fix it tightly with cotton balls, the temperature change of the motor can be monitored at any time. The temperature difference between the outside and the inside of the motor is usually 1 degree C.

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