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Skid mounted submersible axial flow pump
Mar 25, 2019

Skid mounted submersible axial flow pump

Performance data:

Flow: 350m3/h-25000m3/h
Head: 1m-10m
Power: 7.5kw-750kw
Voltage: 380V, 660V, 10kv
Impeller material: ductile iron, 2Cr13, precision casting 304


1. Skid mounted submersible axial flow pump is suitable for drainage pumping station and hydraulic engineering, with large flow, low lift, high efficiency, energy saving;
2. The motor adopts the YE3 high-efficiency series required by the national standard; the mechanical seal and the seal seal are directly connected with the pump parts, and the unit has a longer service life;
3. According to the water quality environment, the impeller and shaft materials can be selected; it is widely used in marine aquaculture, agricultural irrigation, drainage and drought relief, urban water supply, rainwater sewage treatment and other related pumping stations.

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