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Self-priming waste water pump
Dec 06, 2018

Self-priming waste water pump

The Self-priming waste water pump body is provided with a liquid storage chamber, which communicates with the pump working chamber through the upper reflux hole and the lower circulation hole, forming an axial reflux external mixing system of the pump. After the pump stops working, there is a certain volume of liquid in the pump chamber. When the pump starts, the liquid stored in the pump is thrown upward with air under the action of impeller, and the liquid flows back to the working chamber through the grid of the gas-liquid separator tube, so that a certain degree of vacuum is formed in the pump and self-priming is achieved.         
  ZW self-priming pump scope of use:           
1. The special requirements of ambient temperature (< 50 C) and medium temperature (< 80 C) can be up to 200 C.          
 2. Medium PH value cast iron material is 6-9, stainless steel is 2-13.           
3. Medium weight not exceeding 1240 kg/m3           
4. The height of self-priming should not exceed the prescribed value of 4.5-5.5 meters, and the length of suction tube should be Q10 meters.           
5. The diameter of suspended particles is 60% of the diameter of the pump and the length of fibers is 5 times of the diameter of the pump.


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