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Reasons for the idling of centrifugal pumps
Oct 22, 2018

 Reasons for the idling of centrifugal pumps

The reasons for the idling of the centrifugal pump are as below:

1, Insufficient inlet medium of the pump or insufficient inlet pressure, or

2, The pump inlet pipe is blocked

3, The air in the pump chamber is not exhausted.

When the centrifugal pump is idling, the impeller has no contact or little contact with the medium, and it cannot work effectively, and the liquid cannot be normally transported out. These are all useless work. Since there is no effective work, the load on the motor is very small, the current generated is also small, and there is no impact on the motor. The effect of the pump idling on the pump is really fatal. The idling water pump is easy to cavitation, causing damage to the pump body and the flow-through parts; the idling water pump mechanical seal form or the packing seal form idling, the liquid lubrication will not be obtained, resulting in dry grinding and rapid damage; the idling water pump rotor Parts, pump body will be hot, no liquid cooling, by the expansion and contraction of the heat, those narrow gap positions (such as the seal ring) are easy to bite; the idling multi-stage centrifugal pump balance plate is not lubricated, the balance plate will be very fast Burned and damaged.

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