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Reasons for Failure of Mechanical Seal of Multistage Centrifugal Pump
Mar 22, 2019

Reasons for Failure of Mechanical Seal of Multistage Centrifugal Pump

  1. Axial channeling of shaft of multistage centrifugal pump is large           
    The sealing surface of mechanical seals must have a certain specific pressure, so as to play a sealing role, which requires the spring of mechanical seals to have a certain amount of compression, to give a thrust to the sealing face, rotating to make the sealing surface produce the required specific pressure. In order to ensure this specific pressure, mechanical seal requires that the pump shaft should not have too much channeling, generally to ensure less than 0.5 mm. But in the actual design, because of the unreasonable design, the shaft of multi-stage centrifugal pump often generates a lot of channeling, which is very unfavorable to the use of mechanical seals. This phenomenon often occurs in multi-stage centrifugal pumps, especially in the process of pump start-up, channeling is relatively large.

2.   Axial force is too large           
      Mechanical seals can not withstand the axial force in the use process, if there is an axial force, the impact         of mechanical seals is serious. Sometimes the axial force of multistage centrifugal pump is not balanced           because of the unreasonable design of the axial force balancing mechanism and the reasons of                        manufacture, installation and use. Mechanical seals withstand an axial force, and the temperature of                sealing gland will be higher when running. For polypropylene medium, it will be melted at high temperature.       Therefore, the sealing effect of multi-stage centrifugal pump will be lost soon after starting, and the sealing      end surface will appear intermittent leakage phenomenon when multi-stage centrifugal pump is stationary.  


3.   The deflection of centrifugal pump shaft is too large           
       Mechanical seal, also known as end-face seal, is a kind of contact dynamic seal with rotating axis. It is              under the action of fluid medium and elastic elements, two sealing ends perpendicular to the axis line are          closely joined and rotated, so as to achieve sealing effect. Therefore, it is required that the force between          the two seals should be uniform. However, due to the unreasonable design of multi-stage centrifugal pump        products, when the pump shaft is running, the deflection at the mechanical seal installation place is large,          so that the force between the sealing surfaces is not uniform, resulting in poor sealing effect.

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