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Pump Mechanical seal
Feb 14, 2019

Pump Mechanical seal

Mechanical seal refers to a sealing device in which two sealing members are attached to each other on a smooth and straight surface perpendicular to the axis, and are relatively rotated, usually by a static ring, a moving ring, a spring loading device (including Push ring, spring box) auxiliary seal ring (moving ring seal ring, static ring seal ring) and other components, the anti-rotation pin inside the anti-rotation sleeve is fixed on the outer pressure cover to prevent the static ring from rotating. The end faces of the moving ring and the stationary ring constitute a pair of friction pairs, and the moving ring is pressed against the end surface of the stationary ring by the pressure of the liquid in the sealing chamber, and the appropriate specific pressure is generated on the end faces of the two rings and the layer is kept extremely thin. The liquid film is sealed, so from the structural point of view, the mechanical seal is mainly to change its extremely leaky axial seal to a leak-proof end face seal. 

The mechanical seal is not a separate component during actual operation. It is combined with other parts and components. At the same time, it can be seen from the basic principle that the normal operation of the mechanical seal must have the following conditions: (1) the pump shaft should not be too large; (2) the mechanical seal The deflection of the pump shaft is small, and only the external factors such as this can be satisfied, and the good mechanical seal itself can achieve the desired sealing effect.

double mechanical seal

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