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Non-blocking vertical sewage water pump
Mar 07, 2019

Non-blocking vertical sewage water pump

I. Product Overview  

LW vertical sewage pump can be fixed and movable. It can be used for construction, irrigation and drainage of farmland, sewage in enterprises and institutions, suction and drainage. Besides sewage transportation, it can also be used as drainage pump, pulp pump, irrigation and so on. LW sewage pumps are suitable for discharging seriously polluted wastewater from factories and businesses, sewage drainage stations in main residential areas, water distribution systems of municipal sewage treatment plants, drainage stations of civil air defense systems, water supply equipment of water works, sewage discharge of hospitals and hotels, sewage discharge of municipal engineering construction sites, auxiliary machines of mines, rural biogas tanks, farmland irrigation and other industries, conveying sewage and sewage with particles. It can be used in clean water and weak corrosive medium.   

The sewage pump is mainly composed of shaft, bearing frame, pump cover, impeller, pump seat, motor support, motor and other components. The pump is a vertical single-stage single-suction pump. The impeller adopts a double-channel structure, which can effectively pass through the fiber material with a diameter of 5 times and solid particles with a diameter of 50%.  

II. Product Characteristics  

1. LW sewage pump is safe and reliable, and reduces maintenance costs: the radial and axial forces of the pump are effectively balanced by balanced checked rotor components and reasonable bearing arrangement, thus ensuring the long-term stable operation of the unit, with low vibration and noise.           
2. LW sewage pump has strong flow capacity: smooth flow passage, special impeller anti-blocking design, to ensure that the pump runs efficiently and without blockage.           
3. Double sealing and double protection of LW sewage pump: double machine seals in series configuration to achieve double protection and ensure motor safety.

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