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Methods for extending the service life of gear pumps
Nov 06, 2018

Methods for extending the service life of gear pumps 

1. Regular lubrication
 Electric oil drum pump runs at high speed, and the grease is easy to volatilize. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the lubrication at the bearing clean and pay attention to replacement.           
2, Pay attention to the preservation of electric oil pump should be placed in dry. Clean and non corrosive gases in the environment.           
3. Gear oil pumps are often checked and maintained.           
Electric oil drum pumps should be inspected and repaired regularly. Power supply wires should be inspected: internal wiring, plugs, switches are good, insulation resistance is normal, brush tail seat is loose, commutator and brush are in good contact, armature winding expansion stator winding is suitable for interruption, bearing and rotating parts are damaged, etc.           
4, Gear oil pumps pay attention to insulation resistance.           
The insulation resistance of the winding must be measured by a 500V megohm meter before using the electric pumps which are not used for a long time or used in wet environment. If the insulation resistance between the windings and the motor housing is less than 7 MEG, the winding must be dried.           
5. Keep each part and replace the same parts.           
When disassembling and inspecting gear oil pumps, each part should be well preserved. Special attention should be paid to the flameproof surface of flameproof parts which can not cause damage to the flameproof surface, including insulation liner and bushing. If there is damage, new identical parts must be replaced. Substitute materials lower than the performance of raw materials or parts with inconsistent original specifications should not be used. When assembling, the flameproof surface of flameproof parts should not cause damage Some parts are packed according to their original position and can not be omitted.

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