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ISO chemical centrifugal pump
Jan 02, 2019

ISO chemical centrifugal pump

CZ series chemical centrifugal pump is a Horizontal single-stage single-suction centrifugal pump. Its size and performance meet the DIN24256/ISO2858 standard. It is mainly used for transporting high temperature liquid, neutral or corrosive liquid, clean or liquid containing solid particles. It is especially suitable for chemical, petroleum, oil refinery, paper mill, pulp and sugar industry, as well as medium with special requirements.

Chemical centrifugal pump features    

The pressure acting on the seal is balanced by the balance hole on the auxiliary blade or impeller. Shaft seals can be either soft packing seals (cooling or non-cooling), or single-end or double-end balanced or non-balanced mechanical seals with various structures. 

Ball bearings are durable and have abundant diameter to ensure smooth operation. The pump body of some specifications is designed as a double volute case to balance the radial force. Bearing frame, including shaft, impeller, stuffing box and so on, forms a combined component, so that the pump body does not need to be removed from the pipeline during maintenance (if the lengthened coupling is used, the motor does not need to be removed). 

Flange design, using PN16 and PN25 (depending on material differences), can also be used in ANSI 125 lb/square inch or 150 lb/square inch.

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