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How to select fire pumps material
Dec 07, 2018

How to select fire pumps material

As we all know, the impeller is the one of the key parts for the fire pumps. The right selection of the impeller material would effect the efficiency and operation of the fire pump system.The impeller material selection would be one the most important point we have to pay attention to.

Generally, the fire pump material is stainless steel.In terms of material price, corrosion resistance of stainless steel is a good choice for fire pump. Stainless steel can be immersed in acid-alkali solution for a long time without being corroded. Its surface is smooth and hygienic. Even in other fields, stainless steel can replace aluminum alloy impeller for food hygiene.  Because of the humidity of the environment, some fire pumps will cause rust over time. If the impeller is made of bronze impeller, it is not only bulky, but also easy to be hindered by corrosion, resulting in the loss of the rotational efficiency of the impeller. For long-term use and efficiency, stainless steel is the best selection for fire pump impeller.


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