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How to select check valves
Nov 13, 2018

How to select check valves

1, when selecting check valves, there are many factors:            

(1) The opening pressure of the check valve is related to the sealing performance of the check valve when it is closed. If the sealing property is good in the closing state, the opening pressure will be high, and vice versa, it will be small.           
(2) the opening pressure is generally larger than the local head loss when the flow is normal.           
(3) Quick-closing silence check valve and damped slow-closing check valve both have the function of weakening the water hammer of stopping pump, but the mechanism of both is different. Quick-closing silence check valve is generally used for small-caliber water pump, and damped slow-closing check valve is generally used for large-caliber water pump.           
(4) When the flow stops, the disc or spool of the check valve should be able to close by itself under the action of gravity or spring force. Generally speaking, horizontal lift check valves and damped slow-closing check valves and multi-function valves can only be installed on horizontal pipes. In addition to vertical lift check valves, other check valves can be installed on horizontal pipes or on vertical pipes with water flow direction from bottom to top. Check valves should not be installed in the top-down risers, whose discs can not be closed by themselves and can not play a check role.   


2. The check valves selection should also be determined by installation location of check valves. The following requirements shall be met:           
(1) where the water pressure is small before the valve, the swing type, ball type and prism check valves should be selected.           
(2) close the spring check valve should be selected when the closed performance is tight.          
 (3) In order to weaken the position of closing water hammer, it is advisable to select quick-closing silence check valve or slow-closing check valve with damper.           
(4) the disc or spool of the check valve should be closed by gravity or spring force.           
(5) the minimum pressure of the pipe network or the lowest water level of the water tank should automatically open the check valve.

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