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Heavy duty horizontal centrifugal slurry pump
Mar 22, 2019

Heavy duty horizontal centrifugal slurry pump

Slurry pump structure: AHR type lining slurry pump is cantilever, horizontal double shell axial suction centrifugal slurry pump. Pump outlet position can be installed and used according to the need at 45 C interval, rotating eight different angles.           
Material of Slurry Pump: The pump body of AHR type lining slurry pump has replaceable rubber lining. The impeller, guard plate and front and rear sheaths are all made of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant natural rubber.           
Slurry pump use: AHR rubber pump is suitable for conveying small particle size, no sharp particles and high concentration slurry, but also can convey corrosive slurry.           
Sealing form: packing seal, auxiliary impeller seal, packing plus auxiliary impeller seal, mechanical seal, etc.           
Drive type: DC direct drive, CR parallel belt drive, ZVZ upper and lower belt drive, CV vertical belt drive, etc.

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