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Flameproof sewage submersible pump
Mar 13, 2019

Flameproof sewage submersible pump

BQS series mine flameproof sewage and sediment discharge submersible pumps are mainly used for:            It is suitable for coal mine underground where methane (commonly known as gas) and coal dust explosion danger are contained. It can transport mixed sewage containing insoluble solid substances such as sediment, slime, gangue, cinder, fibre and so on. It can also be used for discharging wastewater, rainwater and sewage containing solid particles and long fibers in buildings, hospitals, residential districts, municipal engineering, road traffic and its construction, factory sewage discharge, small-scale sewage treatment and other occasions.           
BQS series mine flameproof sewage and sediment discharge submersible pumps operating environment:           
1. Power supply 380V or 660V, 1140VE phase, 50HZ.           
2. The medium temperature is generally not more than 40C, the PH value is 5-9, and the medium weight is equal to 11KN/M ".           
3. Based on the impeller center, the submergence depth should not exceed 3 meters.           
4. According to user's requirement, it can be adapted to strong corrosive fluids through special design.            5. Diameters of solids in the medium shall conform to MT/T671-2005. Special requirements should be prompted when ordering.           
6. MT818 5-2009 flame-retardant cable for coal mine is used in the cable.


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