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Fire water supply system
Oct 22, 2018

Fire water supply system

The fire water supply system is divided into two types: outdoor fire water supply and indoor fire water supply. The main functional units include fire water source, fire pump, water supply network, pipe network control equipment, fire hydrant and water pump combiner.

The fire water source can use the municipal water supply network, fire pool, natural water source, and water. The fire pump should adopt a self-priming water suction pump. When the fire pump is directly pumped from the municipal pipe network, a backflow preventer with an air partition function should be installed on the fire pump outlet pipe.

The fire water source generally uses the municipal water supply network, the pipeline uses the pressure water supply pipeline, the valve uses the gate valve, the globe valve, the butterfly valve, the check valve, the filter, the safety valve, etc., and the backflow preventer is also used, and the pipeline connection is used. The most common is the flange and grooved pipe connections. When the floor is high, a high fire water tank is required; when the potential fire water is large and the export pressure is high, the water supply is required.

Fire water supply system

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