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Fire boosting and stabilizing system
Dec 10, 2018

Fire boosting and stabilizing system

Fire boosting and stabilizing system is a kind of fire water supply equipment which is used to maintain the pressure stability of the fire water supply system. 

Fire boosting and stabilizing equipment is equipped with fire pump which meets the requirements, and the performance of the equipment is ensured. Fire booster and pressure stabilization equipment can always maintain the fire flow and pressure required for the disadvantage of fire water supply system. Once fire happens, fire hydrant or automatic sprinkler comes out of water and pressure drops, fire pump is started immediately after alarm is issued. It can also be connected with the signal of fire button, water flow indicator and wet alarm valve, which is controlled by fire fighting. 

Room control start stop. When matching the automatic filling tank, there is no need for air compressor, and the nitrogen cylinder is inflated. It can automatically adjust the appropriate air-water ratio and make use of the total volume of the gas tank.

fire pump system

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