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Features of high efficiency motors
Oct 17, 2018

Features of high efficiency motors

High-efficiency motors mainly improve the efficiency of the motor by the following methods:

1. Adding materials: increase the outer diameter of the core, increase the length of the core, increase the size of the stator groove, and increase the weight of the copper wire to achieve the purpose of improving efficiency. For example, the Y2-8024 motor increases the outer diameter from the current Φ120 to Φ130. Some foreign countries have increased Φ145 and increased the length from 70 to 90. The amount of iron used in each motor is increased by 3Kg. The copper wire is increased by 0.9Kg.
2. Silicon steel sheets with good magnetic permeability are used. In the past, hot-rolled sheets with large iron loss have been used, and high-quality cold-rolled sheets with low loss, such as DW470, are now used. Even lower DW270.
3, improve processing accuracy, reduce mechanical losses Replace small fans to reduce fan losses using high-efficiency bearings.
4. Optimize the electrical performance parameters of the motor and optimize the parameters by changing the groove shape.
5, the use of cast copper rotor (process is complex, high cost).
Therefore, to make a truly efficient motor, there are many costs in design, raw materials, and processing, in order to maximize the conversion of electricity to mechanical energy.

High efficiency motor

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