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Control panel with VFD
Jan 04, 2019

Control panel with VFD

Technical Features
1.     Rated Power Range: 0.75KW~500KW/380V; 0.75KW~2.2KW/220V
2.     Output Frequency Range: 0~1000Hz
3.     Control Mode: V/F Control, Sensorless Vector Control, Torque Control
4.     Overload Capability: G type, 60s with 150% of rated current, 10s with 180% of rated current;
                                              P type, 60s with 120% of rated current, 10s with 150% of rated current
5.     Starting Torque: 0.5Hz/150%(SVC), 1Hz/150%(V/F);
6.     PID control function
7.     Multi-stage Speed Function: 16 stages speed could be set via PLC or connection port
8.     Internal brake unit(for inverters of power 0.75KW ~ 18.5KW ) has been deployed and the external
        braking resister can be connected outside for quick stop;
9.     Supporting multiple frequency setup methods: digital, PID, analog and communication setup;
10.   Communication port: RS-485, which support MODBUS protocol
11.   Speed Trace Function: smoothly restart the running motor
12.   Automatic voltage regulation function(AVR)
13.   Automatically keep the output voltage stable when input voltage fluctuating
14.   Fault Protection: protect from over current, over voltage, under voltage, over temperature, phase failure, over load etc.


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