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Comparison of metal &rubber lined slurry pumps
Dec 14, 2018

Comparison of metal &rubber lined slurry pumps

Slurry pumps used in iron ore are classified according to the material of flow passage parts. It is divided into metal lined pump and rubber lined pump. The following items are the main difference of the 2 pumps:

a, Generally speaking, rubber lined slurry pumps could handle slurry with maximum particle size less than 10 mm (average particle size 3 mm). Its wear resistance is better than that of metal materials, so most of the slurry pumps are used for conveying fine particles without edges and corners. When particles are irregular with edges and corners, metal lined slurry pumps should be selected, because rubber pumps are easy to tear rubber with edges and corners, which will damage to rubber liners; this situation is particularly evident in iron ore, because most of ore particles are sharp corners in iron ore dressing, rubber pumps can not be used in iron ore, and metal pumps are very effective. In some non-ferrous metal mines, such as gold mine, because the particles are more regular, round and elliptical particles are more, so there is no tearing phenomenon of rubber pump, and because the price of rubber pump is lower than that of metal pump, rubber pump is more widely used in gold mine.

b,Generally speaking, rubber lined slurry pump is smaller than metal pump because of its structure and hanging technology. Few large rubber pumps are used in mineral processing field.

c,Rubber lined slurry pump because of the characteristics of rubber, rubber has a certain flexibility, easy to deform by water and solid particles impact, so the efficiency of rubber pump is generally 3-5% lower than that of metal pump.

d,Usually, the price of rubber pump is about 70-80% of the price of metal pump. Users can give priority to the use of rubber pump when the service conditions are satisfied and the power consumption is not considered.

Wet end parts are the core parts of slurry pumps which directly contact with the medium. These parts play a decisive role in the overall quality of slurry pumps. Its selection should also be considered as an important factor in selecting a slurry pump.


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