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Centrifugal pump vibration reasons
Nov 15, 2018

Centrifugal pump vibration reasons

As we all know, the vibration of pump sets is one of the most points in the pump operation. The vibration for a long time will damage the pump bearing, lossen the connected pipe and valves.

The main reasons of centrifugal pump vibration are as below:

a, Motor: Loose motor structure parts, bearing positioning device and iron core silicon steel sheet, bearing wear and tear lead to a decrease in support stiffness, which will cause vibration. Mass eccentricity, rotor bending or mass distribution problems lead to uneven distribution of rotor mass, resulting in excessive static and dynamic balances

b, Base and frame:The contact fixing form between the driving frame and the foundation is not good, and the bolts of the foundation bolts are loose.

c, Coupling: The circumferential spacing of coupling connecting bolts is bad and symmetry is destroyed; eccentricity of lengthening joint of coupling will produce eccentricity force; excessive taper of coupling; poor static or dynamic balance of coupling; overtight coordination of elastic pin and coupling.

d, Impeller:

f,Bearing and lubrication:

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