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Boiler feed water pump installation
Oct 17, 2018

Boiler feed water pump installation

Boiler feed pump installation preparation
     1. The installation height should be less than the allowable vacuum height minus the loss of the inlet pipe. Under standard conditions, the installation height "10.3-(NPSH)r-0.5-hw is for hydraulic loss in the suction line:
     2. A pressure gauge should be installed at the flange of the pump outlet to observe and control the operating conditions of the pump:
     3, the pump should be installed in a ventilated place, outdoor installation should be equipped with a protective cover to avoid sun exposure and rain:

Boiler feed pump installation instructions
    1. Before installation, check whether it is deformed or damaged during transportation, and whether the fasteners are loose or fall off;
    2, installation and configuration of the inlet and outlet pipe: pipeline installation should be as much as possible to reduce the fluid resistance of the pipeline. A filter should be added to the pipe after the water is introduced to prevent hard impurities or hard solids from entering the pump chamber and damage the shaft seal or water blade, resulting in water leakage or abnormality of the pump: a check valve should be added at the inlet pipe to facilitate Water injection
    3. Wiring: It must be correctly wired according to the requirements of the nameplate. When wiring, the terminal must be firm and not allowed to loosen. Otherwise, it will cause poor contact and lead to phase loss. The overload protection device must be used on the wiring line, and the set value of the protection device should be adjusted according to the current requirement on the motor nameplate;
    4, according to the transfer method: vertical pump;
    5, the suction water level is higher than the pump: single pump and double pump can be used in series or in parallel;
    6, the suction water level is lower than the pump: such as pumping water;
    7, the horizontal pump directly connected to the installation


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