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Bearings installation
Oct 22, 2018

Bearings installation

The installation of the bearing directly affects the accuracy, life and performance. Therefore, the design and assembly department should fully study the installation of the bearing, according to the following operating standards:

(1) cleaning the bearing and bearing related parts;
(2) Check the size and finishing of the associated components;
(3) Installation (only before the installation, only open the bearing packaging);
(4) Inspection after installation of the bearing;

(5) Supply lubricant.

Generally grease is lubricated, not cleaned, and directly filled with grease. Lubricating oil is not necessary for cleaning. However, for instruments or high-speed bearings, it should be cleaned with clean oil to remove the rust inhibitor applied to the bearing. The bearing with the rust preventive removed, it is easy to rust, so it can not be placed. Furthermore, bearings that have been sealed with grease are used without cleaning.
The mounting method of the bearing varies depending on the bearing structure and the fit. In general, the inner ring requires an interference fit because it is mostly a shaft rotation. Cylindrical bore bearings, press with a press, or use a hot charging method. For taper holes, mount directly on the taper shaft or with a sleeve.


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