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6 inch self-priming trash pump
Dec 21, 2018

6 inch self-priming trash pump

The 6 inch self-priming trash pump could be used as a self-priming clean water pump without installation of bottom valves and irrigation and drainage. This self-priming pump also suck and drain large particles of solid and long fiber impurities entanglement. 

It adopts the form of axial reflux and passes through the pump body. The closed wide groove impeller of the original self-priming pump is designed as an open flow channel. The impurity throughput is larger than that of ZW series, and the maximum diameter can reach 76.2MM. In addition, when the impeller of the original ZW series is blocked by too much material or too long, the motor end and rotor assembly need to be dismantled. T series design a decontamination outlet with the same diameter as the stop under the inlet of the pump. It can be disassembled without removing any fixed pipe or pump theme with the help of a wrench. 

T series 6 inch self-priming trash pump is designed with wear disc, which is convenient for impeller to be worn normally. It can be easily decontaminated from the bottom of the inlet. The whole adjusting disc can be fine-tuned directly without dismantling the pipeline or pump chamber. It is widely used in municipal sewage treatment projects, pond farming excrement treatment, precipitation of waste mineral impurities, light industry, papermaking, food, chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, electricity, propeller and mixtures and other chemical media impurity pumps. Compared with similar domestic products, T Self-priming sewage pump has the characteristics of more humanized structure, better self-priming performance, (self-priming height can reach 7.6m), strong sewage discharge capacity, high efficiency, energy saving, convenient maintenance and so on. It is the first in the sewage pump series products in China. The indicators are in the leading position in China and have reached the advanced international level. It has broad application market prospects.


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